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How To Prevent Bad Breath.

How To Prevent Bad Breath

 Bad breath can be caused by many different things and in order to get rid of bad breath, you must brush at least twice a day or in some cases apply simple home remedies, flossing and more gargling. 

Dental Hygiene 

The best way to cure the bad breath is to maintain proper dental hygiene. In order to kill the germs that can cause bad breath you must do regular flossing and brushing of teeth, cleaning the tongue and the use of antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria. There are certain remedies as well. Services of a professional dentist, who can perform an adequate tooth and mouth clean, can also be helpful in eliminating bad smell from your mouth. 


If your doctor or dentist finds you suffering from some gum disease, he/she may prescribe you antibiotics. These antibiotics may be in the form of capsules, antibiotic mouthwash, topical antibiotic pills or insertions that need to be applied topically. In case of gingivitis treatment there are various toothpastes which can be used at over the counter. 

Natural Remedies 

Natural remedies are simple and potent preventives for bad breath. Some of the best known available remedies are as follow: 

You should also try peppermint, cloves, parsley or sage they are great remedies. Sage has various great uses for effective gingivitis. 

Using a mouthwash made of sage, cloves, apple cider vinegar and thyme is also beneficial. 

Drinking a lot of water helps as well. 

Try to include one table spoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal. 

You can also use backing soda it is a great way to clean your teeth. 

Drink herbal tea made from cloves, powdered myrrh and parsley. 

Mints and Other Breath Freshening Products 

Bad breath products such as mint and other breath fresheners just mask the smell of your mouth despite curing the actual problem. These are temporary solutions as their effect wears off shortly. Chewing is the best breath freshener as it causes your salivary glands to produce more saliva, more basic pH of the stomach and less chances of halitosis. But beware; Sulphur-producing bacteria do not work in an excessive saliva environment. 

Preventing Bad Breath 

Prevention is always better than cure. it is the case with bad breath as well. Following these preventive measures can reduce your chances to suffer from breathe smell: 

Dental Hygiene 

Adopting good hygiene practices is the best way to prevent breathes smell. You must follow these simple steps in order to reduce the effects of getting bad breath smell: 

Brush your teeth twice a day; brush twice a day, morning and after the dinner at night. 

Don't forget to floss your teeth after each meal. 

Don't just brush your teeth, clean your tongue as well with you are brushing. 

Try to visit your dentist at least twice in the year. 

Diet and Digestive System 

Proper diet is the best and permanent solution of breathe smell. Following are some guidelines regarding your diet. 

You must decrease your in take of high-fat foods and dairy products; sugar and meat from your diet. 

you should mouthwash after every meal. 

Increase use of fresh fruits in your diet. 

Take foods rich in vitamin C, B and zinc. 

Eat yogurt to strengthen the stomach. 

Each bounty of fiber to improve your digestive system. 

When should you be looking for Medical Advice? 

if you feel that you are having bad breath due to gum disease or gingivitis then you must consult your dentist. He/she would offer you best treatment or advice after examining you.

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WHA?! More reasons for bad breath?!?!

Ha ha I already have people enjoying my blog awesome,but a few people said that while my articles about the causes of bad breath were good. They could be a bit more extensive,seeing as I only listed a few causes. I love constructive criticism, so of course I went right to work on a new article.

First off food. Whenever you eat anythin, particles remain in you mouth causeing an odor to form in your mouth. Think onion, and garlic breath yuck!

After you have digested these foods, they go into through your bloodstream. From there they head  to your lungs and come out with your breath when you open your mouth.  It's possible to have an onion or garlic smell for at least three days.

Ok here's a big one Periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is most often caused by poor dental hygiene, and is common among bad breath sufferes.  Food will remain in your mouth if you don't practice proper dental hygiene.  You might have to brush and floss several times a day, Especially after every meal,but if all you can manage is twice a day that's still better than nothing.  If the food particles remain in your mouth, the amount of bacteria in your mouth will increase by a lot.

You most likely have a lot of  plaque on your teeth. The plaque will begin to harden, and cause your  gums serious problems.  There's a huge possibility you could get gingivitis and/or tooth decay.  Pockets form between your teeth and gums, where the plaque is located. These pockets are filled to the brim with bacteria, that are literally destroying your mouth. Because of their location it's extremely difficult to get rid of the bacteria there.

Dry mouth - The inside of your mouth should always be moist with saliva, which is used to clean your mouth.  If you don't have any saliva circulating inside your mouth, dead cells will gather on your tongue nasty!  They can also gather on your cheeks and gums. This causes  dry mouth.

Once the dead cells have accumulated, they will start to break down, causing a foul odor inside of the mouth.  This usually occurs while the  person is sleeping.  Your much more prone to get dry mouth, if your the type that sleeps with your mouth open. When you wake up in the morning you might be greeted by  "morning breath." Which dry mouth is know to cause.

 Diseases - Certain diseases can cause foul odors as you open your mouth. A prime example would be the fishy odor that sometimes results from chronic liver ailments.  Also, some stomach ailments have been known to cause chronic bad breath.

Nose and throat infections - A person can also have bad breath caused by allergies.  Sinus infections cause a nasal discharge.  It goes from the back of the throat and trickles downward.  This can cause an extremely foul odor.  You can also have bad breath if you have any upper respiratory ailments that cause you to cough up mucus.

Taking dieting too far - If your currently undergoing a special diet, or fasting to lose weight, you may have noticed your breath has acquired a fruity smell to it.  normally this happens due to ketoacidosis, which is the break down of chemicals while fasting.

Alcohol - Drinking alcohol can cause health issues with your digestive system.  It may  also cause dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath,morning breath,etc.

Tobacco - This one is very known,If you smoke cigarettes, it causes your mouth to be dry.  Smoking causes an unpleasant odor after you have puffed on a cigarette.  If you are a smoker, there is a greater chance for you to get periodontal disease, which would definitely not do you any favors in the breath department.

Diary - If you discover you have an intolerance for diary products, then it's best to  to get rid of them, and look for alternatives.  You can, and most likely will develop bad breath if you consume dairy products that you stomach can't digest.

Stress - Ah good ol stress, the one  cause you'd never think about.  Who would think that your mental state could cause bad breath? But stress is a very serious issue. When you're stressed out, your digestive system is directly affected, which often triggers bad breath. The reason this one is serious, is due to the fact that not many realize stress plays a part in their breath. you might get bad breath and assume something is seriously wrong with you. You might also try hundreds of different methods and products to get rid of your bad breath,and when none of them help,you become more stressed,causing a never ending cycle of bad breath,stress,seeking help,not working,more stress,more bad breath.

Hopefully this was extensive enough to cover the vast majority of bad breath sufferers.
I can only think of one more problem that people might have, and since it will take an article by itself to explain, I'll make sure its the next thing I post about.